Welcome to the IFSR Web Site!

Dear visitor of IFSR’s new web site!

We hope that this website (also accessible as "http://ifsr.ocg.at/world") will better serve our member societies, their individual members and the systems community at large, especially by allowing visitors to post comments and information themselves.

The website is implemented using the open source software Drupal. Drupal offers a considerable amount of flexibility and possibilities. Help me to structure and arrange the elements of our web-page in an optimal way for you!.

I, Gerhard Chroust, will act as the new web master.

Main features of the website are:

  1. Any user (even without registration) can VIEW the contents of most webpages.
  2. User who have REGISTERED can make comments on pages, wherever comments are admitted.
    (the registration procedure is described in >FAQ

  3. The webmaster can assign the roles of EC-member, P-C-member, Board member or VIP to registered users granting them more rights, especially entering information beyond comments.
  4. Next steps:
    • Enable our member societies (i.e. their representatives) to contribute directly and publicly ot issues of concern to the IFSR (typically Fuschl Conversation)
    • We will will introduce a mode that some pages can be hidden from some users.
    • Provide the possibility to record a structured communication like a black board for some users.

I hope you will enjoy the new web site and make optimal use of it.

With my best regards
Gerhard Chroust (Web Master and Secretary General of the IFSR)