The Journal of Systems Research and Behavioral Science

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(Editor in chief: Prof. M. C. Jackson, ISSN 1092-7026): It is the
bi-monthly official journal of the IFSR.
It publishes original articles on
new theories, experimental research, and applications relating to all
levels of living and non-living systems. Its scope is comprehensive,
dealing with systems approaches to the redesign of organisational and
societal structures; the management of administrative and business
processes; problems of change management; the implementation of
procedures to increase the quality of work and life; the resolution of
clashes of norms and values; social cognitive processes; modelling; the
introduction of new scientific results, etc.


how to submit manuscript to Systems Research and Behaviroral Sci

I am new to this website.
i just want to how to submit new manuscript to the journal of Systems Research and Behaviroral Sci