Bulgarian Society for Systems Research


President: Magdalena A. Kalaidjieva, PhD, Associate Professor

Members: Fluctuating between 12 - 42

Bulgarian Society for Systems Research's (BSSR's) strategy is to attract young researchers, to help their studies by introducing possible benefits of systems thinking, to supply them with news in systems sciences, to offer possibilities for professional contacts, information exchange, exchange of visits, to help members to start joint research and apply for financed projects, to inform on current possibilities for further education, etc.

In these activities the society is kindly supported by various institutions of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and some Bulgarian Universities. Still the economic situation of the country does not allow us to give material and financial support of any kind to our members and contacts stay on the level of information exchange and subject interests. Recently, Institute of Control and Systems Research (ICSR) created basic possibility for us to meet and co-use their spare resources. It is a new institute. There is a room to start with. A possibility to read CD ROM or DVD was installed. There we can eventually use a computer to burn a CD with valuable information.

Systems sciences are far not popular in Bulgaria, although systems thinking is a part of traditions and culture. Systems research has been more a side effect than a tool in other sciences. Should some of the established systems societies have spare exemplars of traditional systems books and journals, we would be very grateful to let us know, compare lists of titles and formulate a gift according to the best traditions in science and arts.

We are grateful to all colleagues and societies, who sent copies of articles, books, proceedings on CD, emailed publications, etc. Two Satellite Conferences were organised parallel to ISSS annual meetings.

Time has come to think of organising an international meeting on Systems and Cybernetics in some nice place around. We intend to invite the systems and cybernetics societies and similar organisations and institutions, as well as colleagues from control and engineering, to find together with ours a considerable financing to make the meeting really useful.

The global knowledge on systems and how to (let them) emerge, control, guide or manage them has become vast, but also disintegrated - geographically and in different "vision schools". The more is becomes popular, the more people ask "What is it worth? Is it useful and how? Should we let our children learn it?" Just to say "democracy is good, because it creates a well functioning system of a society" is not enough for knowing citizen behaviour, neither for technical construction and engineering or else scientific knowledge fields of engagement and action. The first insight for the agenda of a scientific-practical conference "Why systems?" is to:

Let me mediate among ideas and suggestions for to make a really useful and enjoyable conference. Imagine there is an empty space where clever, bright young and not so young people, who wish to meet, who never (or only far-flung) heard about control, systems and cybernetics, who are eager to catch the modern and future ideas and implementations in this field (in an easy to digest way or in important details). Then try to communicate the "why-s","how-s" and "what for-s" about systems and whatever can be done with them for the benefit of all in and around them. Try to give them to know as much as possible, as thorough as possible, as agreeable and delightful as you can.

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